Here are some Blackwell family photos.  If you have some photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.

Alfred Blackwell

1840 - Higham Ferrers, England - 1917 - Higham Ferrers, England

Ann Blackwell (Miller)

1841 -Higham Ferrers, England - 1923 - Higham Ferrers, England

                          Alma and Sarah Kemshead (Blackwell) and Family

Mabel Mary Ann b. 1885, Ivy Eleanor b. 1889, Ralph Donald b. 1892, William b. 1894, Olive Ada and Clarice Jane b. 1897 and Eva Blanche. 

One of the boys is not in this photo, but I am not sure which one..

Sarah (Blackwell) Kemshead

died aged 58 years in 1920.



The  Arawa

on which William Blackwell sailed from England to  Australia in about 1910

The  Demosthenes

on which Ada Primrose Blackwell (Darlow) sailed from England to Australia 1911

Kimbolton Road, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, England

the house on the extreme left was the home of the Blackwell's and the house in which Douglas Lancelot Blackwell was born

9 Kimbolton Road, Higham Ferrers, Northamptomshire England

this was the home of the Kemshead's and next door to the Blackwell's home photo taken c. 1995

Dora (Dawes) and Douglas Lancelot Blackwell with Beryl Blackwell

This photograph was taken at Garfield, Victoria, Australia, shortly before the death of Douglas Lancelot Blackwell who was killed in an accident whilst he was serving his Country in the CMF, during World War II, in October 1942

Ken & Pax (Blackwell) Towt, Alan & Val Blackwell, Don & Beryl (Blackwell) Campbell, Jim & Pearl (Blackwell) Madden, Eve (Blackwell) & Colin Johnson, Hilda (Tiberio) & Cliff Blackwell, Douglas Geoffrey Blackwell - absent Nancye Blackwell.  This photo was taken on the 60th birthday of Pearl Madden in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

Children of Theadora (Dora) Dawes Fenn Blackwell - Eve Lillith, Beryl Edyth, Pearl Gladys, Gwendoline Pax, Alan Gilbert, Clifford Arthur & Douglas Geoffrey.  This photo was taken on the 60th birthday of Pearl in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in January 1989.